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Researcher Resources

Researcher Resources

If you are a research professional who would like to explore conducting research at HHRI, please email a brief description of the work scope to

If you are a current investigator, below are online tools and resources to facilitate your research project.

Form & Policy Updates

HHRI has added the short form as an option to the consent process.  The short form consent is an alternative to using a translated consent form.  The short form consent is a brief, standard document, translated into the subject's preferred language.  The short form contains a description of the required elements of informed consent.  The short form notes that these elements, as they pertain to the specific study and are contained in the full English-language informed consent form, will be presented orally to the subject or legally authorized representative.

For more details on the required process for using the short form, please see the following links:

For any questions, please contact the EQ office:

Carl Erickson: (612) 873-6341 or

Bonnie Crissman: (612) 873-5316 or

Barb Wicklund (612) 873-6339 or

Mary Berchem (612) 873-5467 or

Researcher Resources Contacts

Jason Baker, MD, MS


Kim Miller

Interim VP of Operations
Director of Grants and Contracts

Pat Engstrand

Executive Assistant/Webmaster

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